Noblepawz™ Ergonomic Dog Bed
Noblepawz™ Ergonomic Dog Bed
Noblepawz™ Ergonomic Dog Bed
Noblepawz™ Ergonomic Dog Bed
Noblepawz™ Ergonomic Dog Bed

Noblepawz™ Ergonomic Dog Bed

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Noblepawz™ Ergonomic Dog Bed Comfort meets design

If you are looking for a comfortable and modern dog bed at the same time, then this is exactly the right product for you!
The Noblepawz™ Ergonomic dog bed has been designed to provide the ultimate place for our best friends to rest, while its modern and luxurious design fits into any home.



This mattess consists of 3 layers and is equipped with an extra thick and pressure-relieving memory pad, so certainly every dog will feel comfortable and relief of the spine and joints of your dog.

  • Furthermore, the focus during the development was placed on the fact that it is not only comfortable, but also corresponds to the modern design. This furniture for your dog is guaranteed to attrat a lot of attention.

  • The material is tearproof and consists of a breathable fabric. The seams are perfectly finished, smooth and reinforced.
  • We only offer our customers high quality products and you are sure to have one of your best shopping experiences.


  1. removable & machine washable cover
  1. Durable & pressure relieving memory pad
  1. non-slip rubber flooring

Length/width/height in cm:
S: 76* 45* 5
M: 93* 56* 5
L: 108* 63* 8
XL: 123* 72* 8


Cleaning of the fur cover: 
The fur cover is suitable for the washing machine. Open it's zipper to remove the memory foam padding and foam insert, as these are not suitable machine washing. Wash the cover in gentle wash cycle and tumble dry at low heat or hang it up to dry. A damp cloth can also be used to remove stains.
The foam pad is not machine washable, but there are several ways to clean it.
To freshen it up, sprinkle baking powder lightly on the surface. This gives the pad a fresh smell. Leave it to work for about 30 minutes. Then vacuum the baking powder with a vacuum cleaner so that pet hairs are also removed from the upholstery.
To remove a stain, use a damp cloth with warm water and a small amount of dishwashing detergent to treat the stain with a light circular motion. Leave it to work for 10 minutes and squeeze out as much moisture as possible without squeezing out the pad, as the damp pad can tear very easily. To dry it, hang it up for sun drying.

Reasons to love this dog bed:

-We GUARANTEE that it won't be worn out for 10 years.
-The high-quality pressure relief is provided by memory foam.
-Extremely soft and plush faux fur cover with non-slip bottom. (removable and washable)