Noblepawz™ Nail Trimmer
Noblepawz™ Nail Trimmer
Noblepawz™ Nail Trimmer
Noblepawz™ Nail Trimmer

Noblepawz™ Nail Trimmer

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You want to shorten your dog's nails? Your dog shys away and doesn't let you do it? Does that sound familiar?

The traditional way of shortening the nails is rejected by most dog as it is often painful and very upleasant. 

The Noblepawz ™ nail trimmer was developed to make this process as pleasant as possible.

Extremely quiet and low vibration

The Noblepawz ™ nail trimmer is equipped with an extremely quiet but very powerful motor. It gently removes thin layers of nail with minimal noise and vibration, so sensitive pets don't have to worry.

Thanks to the nail trimmer cutting your dog's nails will be easy as playing with him. 

No cutting, bleeding or pain

The Noblepawz™ nail trimmer is equipped with a high quality cutter. This allows you to shorten your dog's nails as desired without pressure. 
Your dog stay safe from any pain or bleeding.



Step 1:
Build trust with your dog. Before you work on your dog's nails, let him sniff and listen first.
Step 2: Choose the right nail trimmer opening depending on your pet's size and nail shape.
Step 3: Start the nail trimmer and carefully start working on your dog's nails with the nail trimmer. With one hand the nail trimmer and the other hand the paw of your dog.
Step 4:
After finishing, remove the plastic nail cover (if used) and clean the burr with a cloth to remove nail dust.